"Packed with biting observations the first act is a laugh-riot, the second half is gritty, sometimes brutal and genuinely moving. It’s the best gay play in years.”   UK.Gay.com


On the eve of London’s Gay Pride celebration, thirty–something gay couple Jamie and Nigel observe their 10th anniversary by inviting an internet hook–up over for a celebratory threesome. Pre–coital excitement precipitates coital ecstasy exploding into post–coital chaos when the harsh light of the morning after reveals a couple on the brink of collapse exacerbated by the persistent advances of their night’s trick. Matthew Todd’s Blowing Whistles, a white hot exploration of open relationships and casual sex in this internet age is the second production in Zeitgeist Stage Company’s 2007–2008 season.

Depicting a relationship in flux, Nigel wants to celebrate his 10th anniversary with Jamie by inviting over an attractive teenager, boldly named “Cumboy_17,” from Gaydar.com. “After all, it’s just sex, isn’t it?” Nigel persuasively argues. However, the focal point of the threesome has an agenda entirely his own. Over the course of the weekend’s Gay Pride celebrations, the ability to find sexual partners at the click of a mouse shines a glaring spotlight on the lives of all three men. In the course of examining this triangular tempest, playwright Matthew Todd presents a riotously funny and blisteringly honest account of contemporary gay lifestyles.

In an interview for RainbowNetwork.com, the playwright commented, “It’s about the lives that a hell of a lot of us are living these days. It’s about being gay in a big city, about sex, about open relationships, about the internet.” Asked if he thought that gay men could be monogamous, the Todd observed, “We seem to be living in a society where no one wants to take responsibility for their actions anymore and we do that as gay men: ‘‘Oh, I’m gay so I can’t be monogamous.’ Well no, you can’t be monogamous because you’re a Gaydar addicted slag not because you’re a gay man. That’s fine if that’s what you want, be honest about it.”

Regarding the title of the play, at one point the character Nigel is reminiscing about how he initially met Jamie at a gay pride rally, “All these people, blowing whistles in your ears for no reason whatsoever … pink turkey feathers flying around.” Following the critically acclaimed fall production of The Kentucky Cycle, Blowing Whistles continues Zeitgeist Stage’s exploration of the lustful side of human nature. The cast features Christopher Michael Brophy and Brian Quint as the gay couple Nigel and Jamie with Joey C. Pelletier as the hot, young interloper, Mark a.k.a. CumBoy_17. The production will be directed by Thomas Garvey. Garvey served as dramaturge for Zeitgeist Stage’s production of Valhalla, and has directed over a dozen local productions. He also writes, a blog focused on the Boston cultural scene.