“Alan Ayckbourn is, in truth, one of the half-dozen greatest living playwrights in the English speaking world, and Life of Riley, his latest effort, is outstanding in every way.”   - The Wall Street Journal


Sir Alan Ayckbourn, one of the world’s most successful living playwrights, was responsible for recent Zeitgeist Stage hits:  Private Fears in Public Places (2010), My Wonderful Day (2011), and Time of My Life (2012).  In his 74th play, Life of Riley, the playwright looks backwards, forwards and - now and then - sideways with wry comic affection on the lives we live or may have lived.  George Riley's closest friends discover that he has a limited time, and they each deal with the news in their own surprising, often comical, ways.  George has deeply affected each of their lives, and he is now plotting one last, show-stopping, final farewell, which impacts everyone’s future.


“Ayckbourn is the sire of what might be considered a more intellectual cousin of the British sex farce. His plays are funny, but quietly, craftily so. Life of Riley’s parade of human vulnerabilities are sure to leave viewers taking stock of their own.” - The Los Angeles Times