"My Wonderful Day is one of the wittiest and most pristinely crafted of Mr. Ayckbourn's dark farces." - Wall Street Journal


"My Wonderful Day finds Ayckbourn in top form – and breaking new ground."  - The Telegraph

Winnie lives in a world full of adults.  She's off from school for the day and has an essay to write about My Wonderful Day.  What better opportunity than quietly seated unnoticed in a corner, while her pregnant mother busies herself cleaning the house of the minor television celebrity for which she is the housekeeper?  When her Mother's water breaks, and Winnie's left in the house alone with the TV celebrity, his mistress, his wife and his best friend, she finds a wealth of source material for her essay.  The bizarre and increasingly frenetic comings and goings of adults in the weird household in which she finds herself captive fuel an essay that shocks her mother.