This is a hard, fast and viciously funny work." - The Evening Standard (London)


Zeitgeist Stage Company's Artistic Director David Miller first read the script for Spin in 2005, and immediately thought of Steve Barkhimer for the role of Jerry, the maniacal campaign manager, having previously directed him in Blue/Orange, the '05 Elliot Norton Award winner for Outstanding Fringe Theater production. David and Steve have been trying to coordinate their respective theater schedules for the last three years to collaborate on this show in Boston.


Joining Steve Barkhimer in the cast is Peter Brown as the candidate, Henry Champlain. Peter has been featured in Zeitgeist Stage productions of Bee-luther-hatchee ('02), Stuff Happens ('06, Donald Rumsfeld), and The Kentucky Cycle ('07). Christine Power portrays the candidate’s wife, Alexandra, having appeared in Stuff Happens ('06) and The Kentucky Cycle ('07). Melissa Baroni portrays Elizabeth, Jerry's essential campaign assistant, having appeared in Zeitgeist productions of Flesh and Blood ('06), Sacred Hearts ('07), and The Kentucky Cycle ('07). Elisa MacDonald is Mary, the adversarial campaign manager, and was featured in multiple roles in Zeitgeist's Valhalla ('07).