“A comedy about six Londoners leading lives of quiet desperation, it is rueful, funny, touching and altogether wonderful.” - The New York Times


The play is an all-out assault on pretentious theater directors and the idiot actors who follow their commands in the interest of realism. Mr. Farquhar has a wonderful way of being droll and outrageous at the same time.   –The New York Times

A maniacal British director, a suicidal playwright, a male hustler named Elvis, and two Method actors who completely immerse themselves into their character’s maladjusted worlds are just some of the characters who populate Robert Farquhar's theatrical world gone mad in Bad Jazz. As the lines between reality and performance get blurred, relationships are tested and this group of desperate souls is forced to ask themselves how far they're prepared to go for their art's sake. Sex, drugs, and bad jazz are only the beginning is this jolt of theatrical electricity.

Bad Jazz received its American premiere Off-Broadway in November 2007 in a production by the Play Company. Robert Farquhar's plays have been performed all over the UK and internationally, including Italy, Brazil, and the National Theatre of Malta. Zeitgeist Stage is pleased to present the New England premiere of Bad Jazz in a new American adaptation approved by the playwright.