"Keith Bunin has written a perceptive, witty, bittersweet new play about art: its practitioners, purchasers, and parasites; and about the heart: its convolutions, connivances, and convulsions.” - John Simon, New York Magazine


 A wonderful play about art, life, forgery and inspiration - Clive Barnes, New York Post


Flat broke and newly disinherited, Jamie persuades Winston, his talented roommate, to paint a portrait of Jamie’s lover Amelia in the style of an obscure 19th Century French painter.  The simple plan is to pass the painting off as a newfound masterpiece and sell it to a very wealthy, very gullible art collector.  Then with a single brushstroke everything goes wrong. 


Zeitgeist Stage Company presents the New England premiere of Keith Bunin’s The Credeaux Canvas, an extraordinary exploration of art and artists, relationships and betrayal, love and loss.  The play premiered at the prestigious Playwrights Horizons in New York in the spring of 2001 and has received numerous regional productions in the intervening two years.  Reviewing the Florida premiere of the play, Christine Dolen of The Miami Herald proclaimed,


“Wow … the play's cumulative impact includes insightful and often funny writing, particularly into the mating rituals and mental stresses of twentysomethings, as well as observations about the art world in all its divine inspiration and pretentiousness.”