"Playwright Caryl Churchill offers a futuristic vision to chill you to your bones. Vividly theatrical ... starkly effective ... haunting. — Robert Nesti, HEREBoston.com


Far Away defies easy description. In a handful of scenes, playwright Caryl Churchill creates a world where war, with its atrocity and absurdity, is tightly woven into the fabric of everyday life. A typical theatergoer's response to the play is "What the hell did I just see?" But then it sinks in: the world of Far Away, while clearly not our own, is a little too close for comfort.

English playwright Caryl Churchill is the recipient of numerous awards, including three Obies and a Lawrence Olivier/BBC Award. Among her other plays are Top Girls and Cloud Nine. In Far Away, Ms. Churchill employs her trademark mix of theatrical shocks, black humor, and raw narrative power.