"As he does in all his work, Wright writes crackling dialogue peppered with meaningful pauses and likely to take unsettling turns. And while his stories take on major issues, he has us view them through a darkly comic and very personal lens. In Lady the big issue is the Iraq War and that spaniel [Lady of the title] is a symbol of how war puts those still full of puppy energy in harm's way." – CurtainUp.com

If you were in the crosshairs what would you do? Three longtime friends – a Democratic Congressman, a liberal professor, and a stoner, with his dog – embark on an unforgettable hunting trip where one of them doesn’t survive the day.


Graham, a hawkish conservative Democrat, is in town from Washington, where his friends long ago helped to send him, Kenny with some inherited money and Dyson by managing his campaign for Congress. "Those were different times," Dyson says, furious now that Graham has morphed into someone whose principles he abhors, and genuinely frightened for his son, who listened to Graham talk last night at the Elks Club and promptly announced he was joining the Marines. Dyson begs, pleads, demands and threatens Graham into talking his son out of his seemingly irrational act, however Graham is unmoved by Dyson’s protestations, resulting in a climatic confrontation.