"It thrills on stage precisely because it adopts the sick humor, sickening violence and downright sexiness of the Stone-Tarantino school of film-making that Elton is satirizing... Its combination of sex, violence, comedy and morality is ultimately as engaging as it is jumbled." - London's Evening Standard


Bruce Delamitri is a popular director who makes violent, intellectually pretentious movies. Bruce has a lot on his plate, including criticism from the media for the murder spree inspired by his most recent film, Ordinary Americans. But upon returning from the Oscar ceremony, Bruce finds that the "Mall Murderers" Wayne and Scout have taken over their idol's house, with a scheme to use Bruce to escape justice.


British comedian Ben Elton wrote his novel Popcorn after director Oliver Stone was accused of inspiring a French couple's killing spree with his movie Natural Born Killers. The struggle betwen artistic freedom and social responsibility is the heart of Popcorn, a wickedly funny and biting satire of contemporary culture. .