On the feast day of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in a tiny village in Canada, a statue moves by itself. It’s a miracle! Or is it? Sacred Hearts examines what happens when faith, reason, and the media collide in contemporary society.


Sacred Hearts received its premiere as part of the Alberta (Canada) Theater Projects playwrights ’89 festival in January 1989. It was subsequently presented off-Broadway in New York City by the Alpha & Omega Company in 1995. A Radio Drama Adaptation which Ms. Curran did for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) won an International Gabriel Award, designed to honor works of excellence in broadcasting which serve listeners through the positive, creative treatment of concerns to humankind.

Playwright Colleen Curran and Zeitgeist’s Artistic Director David Miller have been friends for over a quarter of century since they first joined forces doing summer theater in the early ‘80’s. At that time, Mr. Miller was living in Burlington, Vermont and Ms. Curran spent summers at her family’s summer house in Highgate Springs, Vermont. In 1981, Mr. Miller directed the premiere of Ms. Curran’s one-act play, El Clavadista, which also featured Ms. Curran in a starring role for Second Stage Theater Company in Burlington.